Under Water

Photo by Business Branding Images by Sam Goodwin


Blue Fish Consulting was started to help small businesses owned by women in three areas:


  • Office Management - including general administrative needs that support the processes that are in place.


  • Business Processes - which supports small businesses' growth when the time is right.

  • Special Projects - one-off projects that you don't have the time or knowledge to pursue.

even if you never go into the water (you know, the wildlife), everyone can identify with the bigness of the ocean, the impact that a wave has, the constant crash of water to shore.  there's a pull to it that is both enchanting and haunting.

business is exactly the same way.  you can't help yourself, can you?  you can't imagine going back to a "normal" job and yet, business is HARD.  it's like living in the breaking waves, barely catching your breathe, and then there's another one.

i have some good news for you.  blue fish consulting is like a surf or swim instructor who already knows the ropes.  i've got you.  i know how to get through the hard parts, how to get your business organised, where to find all the people who can help you, and, the best part, you will be able to get on with the parts that you love.

even think we can avoid the majority of the, uh-hmm, wildlife (aka sharks).

are you ready to become more efficient, more profitable, and less stressed?